SG-1000 II
Manufacturer SEGA
Type Video Game Console
Origin Japan
First Available July 1984
Discontinued 1985?
Media Cartridge
Units Shipped ?
Predecessor SG-1000 Mark I
Successor SG-1000 Mark III

History & Development

In July 1984, Sega released an updated version of the console called the SG-1000 Mark II. It is functionally identical to the Mark I, but has a re-styled shell and the connector for the optional plug-in SK-1100 keyboard has been moved from the rear to the front. It was initially priced at ¥15,000. A computer version of this console, with a built-in keyboard, was called the SC-3000, which would go on to outsell the SG-1000.

The SG-1000 runs all SC-3000 games and applications, with the exception of Music and Basic Cartridges. The machine could be used just like the SC-3000, provided one had the keyboard attachment ready. The console also had an optional game card reader add-on called the Card Catcher that allowed for the use of Sega game card software.

The Card Catcher would become built into the SG-1000 Mark III, as well as the first version of the Sega Master System.


  • CPU NEC 780C (Zilog Z80 clone)
    • 3.579545MHz for NTSC, 3.546893MHz for PAL
  • Memory
    • ROM 8 to 48KB (optional)
    • RAM 8Kbit (1KB)
    • VRAM 16Kbit (2KB)
  • Video Processor
    • Texas Instruments TMS9918 VDP
    • 16 basic colors with 15 levels HUE (210 Color mixing)
    • Character: 8 × 8 dot-matrix
  • Sound
    • Texas Instruments SN76489 DCSG, 4 channel mono (3 tone channels, 1 white noise channel)
  • Ports
    • Two Controller Ports
    • Parallel Port
    • Keyboard Port
    • Expansion slot mounting units available
    • Cartridge Socket
    • Composite Video Out
  • Power / Power Consumption
    • DC9V/7.7W (AC Adapter)
  • Dimensions
    • Width - 340 mm
    • Depth - 155 mm
    • Height - 49 mm




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